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2024 Oxford Officials Clinic

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June 6-7

Dress Code:

  • The classrooms sessions will be casual or business casual.  Be comfortable.

  • Thursday on-field officials can either come dressed ready to work from your hotel or change at the facility before your 7v7 event starts.

  • When you are scheduled to work on-field please remember to bring your officiating jersey (HS or College), Hat, Black Shorts, Flag, Whistle, Officiating Shoes.  It will be hot so bring sun screen.

  • Bring a laptop or note pad to take notes during the classroom sessions.

Parking:  Try to park at the designed location for officials that we have listed on the "Parking" tab on this website.  Afterwards make your way to the building marked on the map as "Registration" to check in.

Group 1:  Will work on the field Thursday and will be in the classroom Friday.

Group 2:  Will be in the classroom Thursday and work on the field Friday.

Crews, Schedule & Field Assignments:  Crews & schedule are posted on the website.  Please familiarize yourself with the field locations.  If for any reason you cannot make it to your field/game at the designed time, please let someone from our staff know.

Rules: Everyone please review the rules and understand the enforcements.  These will be basic fouls (DH, DPI, OPI, Personal Foul).  We will discuss this in detail before the games.


Adjustments:  If a team does not show up or an official cancels last minute, we may have to make adjustments to crews/fields/schedule.  If this happens we will update the website to reflect the changes.  

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Registration Closed

Address to the 2024 Oxford Officials Clinic
@ Auburn University: 


Woltosz Football Performance Center

700 Biggio Drive
Auburn, AL 36849

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